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Nolwa Board School Management Software.

We are Working for our School Management Mobile apps, expecting to release with 3month. (March 2019). It will be helpful for parents, we are planing with apps school with more powerful future.

NolwaBoard Mobile Apps

NolwaBoard School Management Software is now with smarter technology solutions on your palm..! – A Nolwa Board Mobile App. Looking at the current technology trend and busy parent schedule Nolwa Board school mobile app comes with all latest communication features on your smartphone. 

  • Personalized school app with school logo
  • Easy availability on Google Play Store.
  • User friendly
  • Notification ups for new update

Teacher Dashboard

NolwaBoard School management software has beautiful and very easy to use dashboard for teachers. we implemented In one screen basic require to functions with displing more attractively. 

  • Teaches Tasks/Assignment from head
  • Teachers can make notes 
  • Overall Student Full Information 
  • Teachers Salary details 
  • Append Student Widget
  • Birth Day Student Widget

Parent Dashboard

NolwaBoard School Management Sysmte providing a very attractive dashboard for Parents, NolwaBoard school application will be more easy to Understand any type of level parents dashboard. 

  • More Student One DashBoard
  • One Click for each Student Details
  • Class teacher and other teachers details
  • Marks Details
  • Attendance Details
  • Home Work Details

Admin Management

NolwaBoard School Management Software provides. In a single screen, it has many details, That can be helpful for any type of school management to learn itself.

  • OverRoll School Staff/Student details
  • Income and Expense Details
  • Birthday Studnet Details widget
  • Absent Student/staff details
  • Quick Search Manu

CMS Website Collections

NolwaBoard will provide CMS Website also for every school, University or any type of education sectors. We are providing every month one CMS website in the collections.

  • Content management system
  • Online Register
  • Online Payment
  • Login Widget

Accounting (Fee) management

NolwaBoard School Management software has a main dedicated section for an account(fee management) It can help you to set up payment option schedules based.

  • Income And Expense Widget
  • Unpaid Widget
  • Partial Payment Widget
  • Payment Reminder setup
  • Salary Payment Details
  • Advance Payment Request details

Front office

NolwaBoard has special modules for Front office management, It can be able to track visitors and Flow up, remainder call setup this can help you automation front office.

  • Visitor log
  • Visitor’s check-in check-out entry
  • Purpose and reference employee  detail
  • Generate gate pass